Monday, December 27, 2004

Flash! (I think)

Across Their Universe received its first rejection from a major publisher today. Chronicle Books, LLC, of San Francisco, returned my original manuscript with a crisp note which said, in summary, Across Their Universe..."looks to be a very creative and unique project...Unfortunately, we don't think it's right for Chronicle's list."

Now, I can handle the searing rejection implied herein, but what is more offensive to me is that the letter-writer, an assistant editor with Chronicle, couldn't take the time to spell my last name correctly. It's spelled wrong twice in the letter and once on the envelope as well. Should I decide in the future to put my faith in an actual third-party publishing juncture, I hope to find one that has a) frighteningly obsessive attention to detail, especially the spelling of the author's name, and b) one whose editors don't use the phrase "looks to be" in everyday vernacular.

So what. Chronicle Books is just my 'Decca Records.' On to the next!

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