Saturday, November 27, 2004

It's 1964 all over again

Well, it isn't really. But the legacy of the Beatles - as they were, that exciting year - lives deeply within us forty years on, just as surely as if it were, well, yesterday.

Welcome to the web log for Across Their Universe: The Secret Lives of Beatles Fans. Not merely a book, rather an anthology of thoughts and feelings by Beatles fans across the globe. You'll read intimacies of the die-hards from the '60s and witness conversions by folks who just recently discovered how delicious the Fabs' music really is.

And here, in this tiny corner of the web, you'll read musings from yours truly - a thirtysomething Fabs fan from way back, who still gets a teensy tingle every time I hear the opening chord to "A Hard Day's Night." (And didn't that one chord - Gm7, masterfully strummed by Georgie - purposefully set the whole tone (no pun intended) for the remainder of the 1960s?)

It's hard to avoid using a cliche - but 'we hope you will enjoy' this show. (And we hope you pick up a copy of Across Their Universe, as well, as a gift for yourself or a friend.)


Kristi Siegel said...

THANK YOU GW for buying my book! Love ya!

putu ebo not saying a word said...

Hey hello, I just buy the book!.. I'am the one of the contributor of this book. I wrote the review about the book on my blog but in Indonesian Languange.... putu ebo - denpasar bali:

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